At Thompson Dean Drug, we understand the importance of convenient and efficient prescription management.

What we offer

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Drive Up Window

Thompson Dean Drug offers a drive-up window that is a convenient and fast alternative option to drop off and pick up your prescription.

Adherence Packaging

Adherence packaging is a weekly prepackaged blister pack that helps patients take their medication on time and as prescribed by their physician. Adherence packaging can help improve health outcomes. It is a simplified method to keep track of your prescriptions.

Med Sync

Med Sync could be a beneficial program for you. The Med Sync program helps you synchronize your medication refills, which allows you to pick up all your medication at the same time once a month. Talk to a Pharmacy staff member at Thompson Dean Drug to get set up.

Home Delivery

We offer a delivery service within a limited area to ensure that our customers who cannot come into the store can get the medication they need delivered to their home.

Transfer a Prescription

Refill a Prescription

Download our prescription refill and transfer app Rx365

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Our user-friendly prescription page is your one-stop solution for all your medication needs. Request refills, transfer your prescriptions, and stay on top of your health effortlessly. We’re dedicated to making your healthcare journey simple and stress-free. Take control of your prescriptions today with Thompson Dean Drug.


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Need to transfer a prescription?

Simply fill out the online form, submit and we will process your request as soon as possible.

Need to request a refill?

Simply submit this online form, and we will process your request as soon as possible.

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